Premise of the Cultural Network

  • The Problem

    In the performing arts arena – theater, dance, experimental theater, opera, symphonic, orchestral and popular music – travel and lodging are the largest primary expenses of mounting multi-city tours and exhibitions that prohibit professional arts and cultural organizations from getting on the road and sharing their cultural experience with audiences around the country. 

    Similarly, artists who have works in festivals or who desire to participate in cultural conferences cannot afford the travel and lodging expenses to attend. 

  • Our Solution

    Over the last 7 years, there has been an increase in use, acceptance, and maturing of any number of shared economy business models that have gained traction in a number of diverse business sectors.

    By aggregating participatory philanthropists as Patron Hosts members willing to offer hospitality to traveling artists, the Patron Hosts program provides a sustainable economic solution for supporting the distribution and movement of artistic expression and cultural experiences.


    "Think of the Patron Hosts Cultural Network as the philanthropic Airbnb for the Creative Community"

The Patron Hosts Cultural Exchange presents an innovative solution.

Market Size

As a key indication of the size and economic strength of the potential user base that could support the Patron Hosts program, our research looked at the overall “Creative Community” in the US and found over 30 million people that are employed in hundreds of thousands of individual for profit and non-profit companies foundations and endowments that contribute approximately $2 Trillion to the $18 trillion economy of the United States. The individuals, companies and cultural institutions that make up the Creative Community are organized in 12 industry sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Literature & Publishing
  • Motion Picture Film
  • Radio & Television
  • Music of all kinds
  • Digital Media Arts & Sciences
  • Performing Arts
    • Dance Theater
    • Experimental Theater
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Fashion
  • Fine Art
  • Antiques & Collectibles