• Concierge Services

    The key to establishing a successful Patron Hosts Cultural Network experience is delivering an excellent efficient user experience for our members.

    By deploying a fully integrated concierge service, embedded as an integral component of the network, the Patron Hosts Program is be able to effectively manage and facilitate the operations of the organization.

    • A core element to our concierge service are our Patron Hosts “Navigators” -- those on the ground customer service facilitators that work to make the Patron Hosts experience an efficient and enjoyable experience for anyone using our engagement platform.
    • Our Navigators will help Patron Hosts identify and clarify areas of specific interest to support, choose levels of housing participation, explain other engagement opportunities and help manage the logistics of engaging with traveling artists and cultural institutions.
    • Navigators will assist Patron Hosts in arranging participation for an ever-expanding variety of exciting events and preferred activities affiliated with the Patron Hosts Cultural Network.
    • Vetting: Through the concierge service, Patrons will have an excellent opportunity to vet potential guest before their hospitality home stay in order to make the best possible match between a Patron and a potential guest. This will include:
        • reviewing application materials
        • vetting resumes
        • performing background checks
        • checking references and employment histories
        • organizing phone and/or Skype interviews between host and guest 

    Should there be an interest in making adjustments on either side of a guest’s stay, a Patron Hosts Navigator will facilitate any changes to the satisfaction of all parties.