Experience Philanthropy

The Patron Hosts Cultural Network invites Patrons of the arts and cultural communities to become part of a unique cultural exchange that advances active philanthropy to a new and personally immersive level of lifestyle experience. 

The Patron Hosts Cultural Network

Patron Hosts member graciously offer to donate lodging in their homes for vetted artists and cultural professionals of all kinds as special guests in their homes during recognized festivals and major cultural events, performing company tours and thought leader conferences while visiting a Patron's city. This innovative form of "participatory philanthropy" is well suited for the active philanthropist who would like to experience a more direct involvement in their philanthropic pursuits.


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    Elise Bennett

    Patron Host

"I hosted musicians at our home as part of the Hamptons International Film Festival and they were extremely talented. I was blown away when I heard them perform. One of the producers/musicians that stayed in my house and I have a few Facebook friends in common. I found out from my guest that one of them dated my sophomore roommate in college!"

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    Stuart Shapiro

    Patron Host

"This is the second time we participated in the Patron Hosts Program, and what was fantastic about it was that we had a couple of artists stay with us last night. Because we were a part of this, we ended up seeing a performance that was unbelievably extraordinary. The program of being a Patron Host and letting an artist come and stay in your house, you actually have some special moments that you really don't have the opportunity to partake in normally."

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    Amy Kirwin

    Program Director, Southampton Art Center

"This year alone, Southampton Art Center will have produced over 100 unique programs. Being able to call upon the Patron Hosts program would be incredibly helpful to us and allow us to do even more dynamic programming from all over the country and all over the world."

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    Andrew Fox


"You have a sense of place when you stay with someone that has been at the show. You can’t get that by staying at the Marriott. I think we are in a social climate that's already primed for that kind of experience.  There are tons of people doing AirBnB, willingly bringing strangers in their homes. Of course, in this instance it's not a financial exchange, but a cultural one, and I think its worth it for both parties."

Who We Support

  • Artists & Cultural Professionals

  • Arts & Cultural Institutions

  • Performing Arts Touring Companies

  • Festivals Of All Kinds

  • Cultural Conferences

  • Benefit & Awards Celebrations

  • Patrons

    Offer hospitality lodging for artists attending tours and cultural events, in exchange for access to an ever expanding offering of cultural experiences.

  • Artists & Cultural Professionals

    Provide access to innovative entertainment and cultural experiences in exchange for lodging while on tour or attending festivals, conferences and cultural events.

  • Cultural Institutions

    Collaborate with Patron Hosts in exchange for additional economic support to mount tours or produce festivals, conferences and cultural events.

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