Artists & Cultural Professionals

Whether you are filmmakers, writers, actors, dancers, musicians, artists, designers, publisher, cultural conference speakers, a cultural profession like gallery or museum directors, securing housing hospitality through the program has meaningful financial value to you or the cultural institution you may be involved with.

In exchange for the offer of housing hospitality, the Patron Hosts Cultural Network will work with artists and cultural institutions to secure invitations to festivals, performances, behind-the-scene experiences, tickets and other access to cultural experiences that will be made available to Patron Hosts members.

  • How It Works

    Sign up: Fill out our engagement form. Tell Patrons a little bit about yourself.   

    Submit a request: Submit our request form and give us important details about your event (type of event, location, duration, etc), in addition to the cultural offerings you'd like to give in exchange. The more information you give us, the better we can accommodate you on your Patron Hosts experience. 

    Navigators: Once you submit your request, a Patron Hosts customer service Navigator will contact you to outline your needs and facilitate the process.

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