Philanthropic minded individuals who desire a more direct involvement in their philanthropic pursuit have an excellent opportunity to engage directly with arts, culture, and thought leader professionals by supporting the PHCN. The cultural exchange of inviting an artist into a Patron Host’s home is a worthwhile experience for individual Patrons and their families. New lasting friendships are cultivated based on a bond of mutual appreciation of common interests.

In addition to the donation of financial patronage, Patron Hosts automatically become part of a philanthropic and engaged social network that extends far beyond hosting artists in their homes.

  • Benefits

    Members have access to an ever expanding offering of events and activities connected with Patron Hosts visiting artists and touring companies; access to select working rehearsals, dress rehearsals, preview performances, workshops, craft and fine art studio visits, artist talks, seminars, conferences, special event lunches, cocktail parties and dinners.

    Patrons will receive access to a target of 3 cultural offerings (tickets or invitations) to festivals and cultural events, performances, behind-the-scenes experiences (dress rehearsals, workshops, artist talks & seminars), as well as other cultural experiences and ART+MUSIC lounge events in the course of an annual membership.

    As the cultural exchange platform grows, and more of what we are referring to as "cultural offerings" are secured from our partner cultural institutions, the dynamic nature of our platform will adjust for and distribute additional offerings to Patron Hosts members.

  • How It Works

    Fill out our engagement form: Choose your areas of interest so we can connect you with the appropriate artists and ensure a rewarding exchange between guests and hosts.

    Upload photographs of your available housing: The engagement form is organized to list important details (amenities, pets, children, etc.)

    A Patron Hosts Navigator will contact you: Once you finish filling out our engagement form, our concierge service will have one of our Patron Hosts customer service Navigators contact you to answer any questions you might have and begin the vetting and matching.

    Matching: Patrons will have an excellent opportunity to vet potential guest before their hospitality home stay in order to make the best possible match between a Patron and a potential guest.

    This will include:

    • vetting resumes
    • performing background checks
    • checking references and employment histories
    • organizing phone and/or Skype interviews

    Accordingly, everyone has the opportunity to confirm that the match is acceptable for both parties. Should there be an interest in making adjustments to a guest’s stay, a Patron Hosts Navigator will facilitate any changes to the satisfaction of all parties.

    Receive event notifications: We’ll notify you when a festival or cultural event is coming to your area. Additionally, you will receive a monthly newsletter outlining all our events and how you might participate.. You can also check the Events Calendar on our website.

    Engage: As a Patron Hosts member, you have the opportunity to engage directly with artists and cultural professionals, as well other Patron Hosts.

    Patron Hosts, not able to host in their home, may elect to sponsor a touring artist's accommodations in a Patron Hosts aligned hotel. 

    Leave a review: Let us know how you found your experience, so we can continue to provide the best possible Patron Hosts experience for everyone using the cultural exchange.

  • Become A Member

    To facilitate a deeper understanding of the Patron Hosts Platform and gain direct operational insight, we are inviting 100 Patron Hosts and 12 Cultural Institutions to participate in the next phase of our program.

    Reflecting the importance of our dialogue and collaboration, we are waiving our membership fee for one year, and are assigning the special membership delineation of "Charter Member" to the Patron Hosts discussion group.  We anticipate asking our Charter Members to participate in a face-to-face interview, one phone interview and a written operational survey. As we make adjustments during the continuation of our beta test, we ask our Charter Members to work with us to provide helpful insights while we make adjustments to build the best possible Patron Hosts experience for anyone using our platform.

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