Cultural Institutions

No matter what kind of cultural institution you are during these challenging financial times, the Patron Hosts Cultural Network provides much-needed support to your cultural institution.

In particular, travel and lodging are among the largest primary expenses challenging individual artists or artists organized in cultural institutions from getting on the road and sharing their works of art or cultural experiences while touring or attending festivals, conferences and other cultural events.

  • Benefits

    By leveraging participation in the Patron Hosts cultural exchange the following benefits are available to strengthen the financial position of the cultural institutions by preserving precious resources:

    • Direct savings on travel and lodging expenditure to host out of town content and programming creators, as well as cultural professionals.
    • Direct savings on travel and lodging expenditures for cultural professionals attending out of town conferences, festivals and cultural events.
    • Direct revenue from the Patron Hosts Affiliate Program. The Cultural Exchange shares 25% of any revenue that comes from cultural institution membership referrals. 
    • Our cultural partners experience strong community and audience building opportunities by participating in the Patron Hosts shared video content, marketing and social media programs designed to amplify audience exposure.
    • Gain additional exposure by posting event listings on the Patron Hosts events calendar.
    • As our program grows, cultural partners will have access to new benefit programs as they become available. 
  • How It Works

    Sign up: Fill out our engagement form and tell us more about your organization. 

    Submit a request: Submit our request form and give us important details about your event (type of event, location, duration, etc), in addition to the cultural offerings your organization would like to give in exchange. The more information you give us, the better we can accommodate you on your Patron Hosts experience. 

    Navigators: Once you submit your request, a Patron Hosts customer service Navigator will contact you to outline your needs and facilitate the process.

  • Become a Member

    To facilitate a deeper understanding of the Patron Hosts Platform and gain direct operational insight, we are inviting 100 Patron Hosts and 12 Cultural Institutions to participate in the next phase of our program.

    Reflecting the importance of our dialogue and collaboration, we are waiving our membership fee for one year, and are assigning the special membership delineation of "Charter Member" to the Patron Hosts discussion group.  We anticipate asking our Charter Members to participate in a face-to-face interview, one phone interview and a written operational survey. As we make adjustments during the continuation of our beta test, we ask our Charter Members to work with us to provide helpful insights while we make adjustments to build the best possible Patron Hosts experience for anyone using our platform.

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